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Mobile Digital Billboard Advertising

At Posh Media, we use mobile billboard advertising to literally put your messages directly in front of people. We employ the use of a video truck (and our highly skilled team of creative brains) to spread your message. Our video truck is meant to be seen. The mobile digital billboard truck uses three large LED screens, which enable us to make a massive impression on densely populated urban markets. The bright, large, robust vehicle is perfect for use in major cities, Road Shows, or where big events are taking place.

Our Objective for our clients is simple : We want to put your product and services directly in front of your customers. With the mobile digital billboard truck, we'll set the wheels in motion and create buzz about your products and services by:

•Being unapologetically obvious. We're there to make a statement, and our large-and-in-charge mobile video screens have no qualms about turning heads.

•Following your customers. Our video trucks go wherever your audience beckons. We can hang out right here in Lusaka or take your campaign across Zambia.

•Flexing our versatility. Our billboard truck advertising will readily display any sort of image you bring to the table, including photos, videos, and animations.

Our Recent Work

Ads on Cairo Rd & Church Rd

Ads on Cairo Rd & Church Rd

That's not all! When you choose Posh Media as your mobile billboard company, you have options. We'll plan a route for your mobile campaign that takes the truck directly through some of the most trafficked areas in town so every car on the road gets a glimpse at your advert. In addition , we put the truck in a parking lot where pedestrians are sure to see it!

To up the ante on our see-and-be-seen approach, we do both ( we drive it through heavy traffic at Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Rush Hour, as well park it at heavily populated areas the rest of the day . Our team is happy to help you devise a big-picture campaign that checks all your boxes. Posh Media Video Trucks have 3 large format, super bright LED screens: 1 on each side and 1 on the rear. Video Trucks provide:


Both still images and motion video can be displayed;


Our video trucks go where your voters live, work and plays;


Video trucks can either be parked in high-visibility locations or driven through high-traffic neighborhoods;


Video Trucks can be driven to any city and to any market, large or small, to bring your message where it needs to be.


Stunning, powerful and bright graphics will get your message noticed!

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