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Our services: reliable and tailor-made

Posh Media provides award winning  Video Conferencing Solution, Video Production and Editing , bringing your brand and its story to life.

Our productions and services comprise many different types of videos and film, from Top of the Line Video Conferencing, to live video telecast for your conference,  to documentaries and training videos.

We always work close with you to produce the work at every stage of the video production process, from concept to completion.

A brief look at our services

  • Offering plenty of  advice on all aspects of video: creative approaches, product placement and use of video within social media.
  • drafting schedule, providing technical preparation and other related issues before video making
  • Managing all the aspects required for video production in-house, arranging experienced staffs, delivering equipment, dressing and sets, and post video editing
  • Ensuring the production process in most economical mode as planned and compliance with health and safety legislation and standards.
  • Delivering your video production on the format of your choice

Video Conferencing

Video conferencing's main advantage is that users can see each other, which allows them to develop stronger relationships.  With the emergence of COVID-19  in 2020, Video Conferencing has become the new normal, allowing delegates and users to continue working , learning and communicating, without causing risk due to our social activities. This “new normal”  encompasses smaller face-to-face meetings to avoid unnecessary travels and allow connection remotely with participants that are in different offices , meeting rooms, and countries.

Posh Media Ltd in Zambia is leading the way in this fast paced new technology. Our solution is the only one of its kind in Zambia offering individual table microphones to each delegate and 4K Technology with 1080p Visuals crystal clear sound output.

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